Great news. Today’s talks on talks went well.
A programme of intensive discussions is now planned over next 6 weeks. Even sounds like they may count as negotiations.
No silly pre conditions either. So again , good news.
But let me be absolutely clear. There is no chance of an INDIVIDUAL offer before Xmas. Just logistically impossible.
Even if we get agreement, and that’s a long way off, it needs full council approval and then individual data sifting.
Let alone the council getting the money.
So best case scenario is settlement and payment April 19. (That is not a promise,nor a prediction, just analysis)
But we are a LONG LONG WAY from that.
So don’t go spending money you don’t have before it’s in your bank. Karl has had people on the phone saying they are spending expecting that Xmas carrot. ITS NOT HAPPENING. PLEASE DONT BE DAFT.
I’m a pessimist so my guess would be constructive talks but too big a gap to bridge.
Going back to tribunals is still the most likely, outcome.
So very very good news. But, but, but......
This will also mean the amount I can say is likely to be heavily constrained between now and December. Sorry.
On this occasion silence is good news.
So goodbye London, hello Glasgow for me for next 6 weeks.
Stefan Cross

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