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Strange events this week. As you know the claimant group consists of A4ES UNISON and GMB. It does not include UNITE. indeed unite has virtually no involvement in the claims at all. They have very few claims at all, and even those tiny number of claims they basically passed to solicitors and ignored them. They have not attended any of the tribunals, just travelling on the coat tails of whoever Thompsons solicitors were representing at the time.

Despite this they are a recognised trade union and we agreed that they should be part of the sub group discussing wpbr and new terms and conditions.

The first meeting of that group took place yesterday. So what contribution did UNITE make to this group. Nothing THEY WALKED OUT OF THE MEETING in the first 5 minutes. Why? Because a Karl Bromley was there representing A4ESs 7500 claimants! So 3 unite officials abandoned their members in a fit of meaningless pique. How pathetic is that!

The truth is that unite has a non existent record on equal pay, mostly trying to avoid it. In England they refused to participate in single status as they thought it would erode the differentials for their male members. Of all the major trade unions they have the Worst Gender Pay Gap and 75% of the senior officers are men. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised but I was.

So to sum up, Unite’s total involvement so far has been to attend one meeting and walk out in less than 5 minutes. Impressive!