Whilst the council scaremongers about the risk to clients

Let’s remember those claimants who have actually passed and whose families still wait for justice.

Let’s remember
Date of Birth: 29/06/1944
Passed away on: 6/10/2016
Catering Assistant: 12/04/2001 - 31/03/2009

Cleaner: 01/04/2006 - 09/08/2010

Comments from her Daughter Brenda (via Tracy Robb)
Mary Ross worked for GCC for EST 21yr, Mum retired at 63 yr of age, she wasn't happy about it as she wanted to work on till the retirement age of 65..but the council didn't give her and another worker the choice.
Mum was 72yrs old when she died of cancer on 6/10/16 she left behind 5 kids ..LINDA, MARY, BRENDA,IAN & CATHERINE.....mum would have bn supportive of the actions that are on going and wld have been in full support of equal pay.. I hope we get this concluded so that ppl can move on from this. It's distressing for families that have to fight on their behalf, hope we can draw a line under it so ppl can move on.... Thanks

Thank you to Brenda and Tracy for sharing and our thoughts are very much with them
Date of Birth: 28/02/1958
Passed away on: 08/09/2018
Home Carer: 17/09/2007 - 08/09/2018

Comments from June's daughter in law Charlene McCulley
This is a picture of my mother in law June Harvey who died in service as a home carer of more than 12 years she worked every hour she could for cordia & loved her job. If she was here today she would have been out supporting the strike we will remain to fight for her in her memory
Thank you Charlene.
Just a reminder that the longer this goes on the more we lose.
Hopefully the new talks will help us put this right

Date of Birth: 09/07/1957
Janitor: 01/11/1994 - 18/03/2018
Comments from Thomas daughter Jeanette
I have been following your page and the progress of your help with the fight for equal pay. I have been touched with the messages of support for the family’s of lost ones along the way. My father was one of the people who passed away waiting for justice. It would mean so much to all our family if you could pay tribute his contribution to Glasgow city council of over 30 years as a janitor. He passed away suddenly in March of this year. He has left a hole in all our lives and he is dearly missed each day. He was the janitor of Royston primary school on Royston road Glasgow. Thomas Mcgarrigle passed age 60. Didn’t even make his retirement age. Keep up the good fight. Most of Glasgow are behind you all x
Thomas leaves behind 3 daughters, Janette, caroline and alana. He had one son, John and his wife Jane. It’s such a shame that we’re not the only family that’s has lost loved ones through this process. Good luck and hopefully Glasgow city council stop dragging their feet.



Date of Birth: 07/01/1947
Driver (Special Needs): 05/11/1984 - 01/01/2011
It’s not only women we’ve lost.
Comments from a friend

He was a special needs driver for over 30 years for Gcc until he retired he was 71 years old wife to Betty his family was his life .. 1 daughter Gillian 1 son derek & 4 grandchildren
The claim not only affects his loss, but his pension loss and his widows pension. All still waiting.


Date of Birth 24/09/1959
Catering Assistant – 01/10/2002 – 30/04/2016
Date of Birth 23/05/1950
Escort - 1999 to 2011
Support for Learning Worker 1998 to 2011
Comments from Son Kevin McSharry
We are in full support of this claim for equal pay, both for those who have sadly passed away, and for those who are still fighting this case. It's ridiculous the length of time this has been going on for, and we hope for the sake of everyone involved, that a resolution can be reached soon.
DOB: 24/04/1958
Passed away on: 15 March 2015
Catering Manager 01/04/1998 to 25/06/2011
Comments from Husband Charles McDonald
In memory of my late wife Maureen McDonald I would like to add my support to the cause for equal pay. The City Council have dragged their feet on this pay claim for far too long. Pay the lassies what they are due and settle this issue once and for all Glasgow.
Thank you Mr. McDonald.

Clerical Assistant - 20/11/1993 - 27/06/2010
DOB: 25/11/1954
Passed away on: 27 May 2016
Her daughter Michelle says
My lovely wee mum Mary Isbister
If my mum was still alive today she too would have be out supporting the strike just like I will be.

Shame on you Glasgow City Council you have dragged your feet on this pay claim for far too long that people have passed away waiting on your finger out. Pay everyone what they are due and settle this issue once and for all Glasgow.

#equal pay
# fight all the way lady’s
In memory of my lovely mum Mary Isbister ??
Passed away 20/12/2014
Home Care Co-Ordinator - 01/10/1999 - 20/12/2014
Home Carer 01/10/1999 - 20/12/2014
Hi Stefan I think it is great that you are including the women that have passed away in this fight for quality. I would like it if you can include my late mother. Elaine Russell ,home care co ordinator.

Born 25/5/1959 passed away 20/12/2014

My mother was a hard working woman who did all the hours to care for her family and to know that she was robbed of money that she was rightly owed is disgusting behaviour from Gcc.

I hope that all my mum's colleagues and the rest of the woman out there get what is rightly theirs.
DOB: 08/04/1952
Passed away on the 12/02/2013
Home Carer - 01/07/1994 to 20/11/2010
Comments from Husband Gordon Gorman
 I’m emailing you in regards to letter I got from Stefan Cross Action 4 Equality . My name is Gordon Gorman , I have been representing my late wife through Stefan since my wife passed away while waiting for her claim for equal pay settlement along with her working colleagues . I’m more than happy for a phot of my late wife to be shown in respect to this matter and also in support of her colleagues who are still fighting for this while the council are stalling in settlement in my wife’s case and others who have now passed away while waiting for a settlement . I know Margaret would be happy to support her working colleagues in any way that she could . As Margaret’s husband and Executor I give you the authority to show her photo in support off her claim that is still waiting to be settled . Yours Sincerely Gordon Gorman
DOB: 11/09/1967
Passed away 18/08/18
Escort 2002 - 2017
Support for Learning Worker 01/08/2002 - 2017
Elaine was a classroom assistant and bus escort
Elaines partner has given me permission for her photo.
Elaine, much loved partner, mum, sister, gran and friend.
DOB: 09/02/1957
Passed away in 2014
Support for Learning worker – 19/12/2002 - 01/08/2014
Comment from Husband Hugh McCartney
I find it astonishing that 12 years on from when the dispute began that Glasgow District Council have still to come to an agreement when other Councils have already settled their claims.

Agnes or Ann as she was called by everyone was one of the first to back the equal pay claim and also encouraged others to do the same.

She would be turning in her grave now to find that 4 years after her death, this claim has not been settled and that the council are still dragging negotiations out.

This is a scandal and Glasgow District Council should be ashamed of themselves.
DOB: 02/07/1953
Passed away on the 31/11/2011
Driver (Special Needs) – 02/10/2000  to the 30/08/2010 
Comments from Wife Patricia Nixon
My husband has never had the chance to enjoy the money he dedicated so many years of his life to earn.
For the council to have taken this long and still not come to an agreement is disgusting. They have taken advantage of the people who worked so hard for them.
DOB: Not Known
Passed away in September 2014
Home Carer – 28/06/2004 to 02/07/2011
Comments from Daughter Joanna Healy
My mother passed away whilst awaiting the equal pay claim to be settled with Glasgow City Council.  My stepdad was then willing to keep fighting on my mother’s behalf but he too has passed away.
I am happy for you to use my mother’s name as someone who has passed away waiting for the equal pay claim to be settled.  Her name is Susan Livingstone; she worked for Cordia and she passed away in September 2014.
I think it’s an absolute disgrace how the Council has gone about this.  They should be ashamed of how they treat their workers.  In my opinion the Scottish Government should have stepped in by now and forced the Council to pay up.
DOB: 18/08/1959
Passed away June 2017
Home Carer 15/03/1986 – June 2017
Comments from Wife Isabella Murray
I would like Frank's name added but not a photo, I am also a claimant and I am standing for what was Frank's right and also my own .
DOB: 11/06/1952
Passed Away: Not confirmed
Catering Assistant 12/10/1990 to 20/09/2008
Comment from Husband Bryce Wilson
I Support All You Are Doing in relation to all workers involved in this scandalous Behaviour of Glasgow council .

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