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As you may know by now the council has, rightly, changed its position on the process for carrying on with the appeals. They previously told us that they needed a full council decision but they would lodge the application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court anyway. We always said that was not necessary and the council leadership should take that decision. Well the officers have now accepted that we were right and an emergency executive committee has now been ...scheduled for Wednesday 17th January 2018.

Make no mistake this is D day. If they appeal we have years more of misery and a huge risk to the council. If they drop the appeal then there is a real chance for us to get a deal and to get a new pay system.

However, SNP is a minority administration so it depends on the support of other parties to pass any decision. We are told that Susan Aitken wants cross party support to drop the appeal but has received no commitment from Labour. It seems that labour’s commitment to “equality” is not a priority but saving face and sticking to its past decisions trumps the rights of its female workforce.

Now this is only what we are being told on the grapevine. It might be that Richard Leonard’s leadership has changed things but he was said nothing publicly. Nor has the labour leadership on the council. So much for being ‘men of principle “ (and they are mainly men).

Now is the time for politicians to stand up and be counted