As explained in previous blog posts (see below) tickets for 'PayFest 2019' go on sale on Monday morning 22nd  April 2019 on the following basis.

  • Tickets will go on sale online on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 April 2019 - and will be restricted to Claimants in the first instance 
  • Tickets will be sold on a 'first come first served' basis and Claimants can order as many as they like, so long as they are for other colleagues and co-workers. 
  • Each ticket purchased will need to be accompanied by a National Insurance number to ensure that they are being allocated to a Glasgow Claimant from A4ES, GMB, Unison or Unite. 
  • Details of the online internet address will be shared in the run-up to 22 and 23 April - there will also be an A4ES helpline number to talk Claimants through any problems. 
  • If any remain unsold by 5pm on Tuesday 23 April, these tickets will become available for Claimants' family members or friends to purchase. 
  • The cost of tickets is £10 but the proceeds (@ £10,000) will be going towards the acquisition of a fitting and lasting tribute to the Claimants and their long fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council 

Here is the online address for Glasgow Claimants:

The online address leads to a drop down menu which asks the following questions: 

1) Number of tickets required - then click ‘GO’

2) National Insurance number (No Spaces) - then click ‘SUBMIT’

3) Your email address and delivery address with post code - then click ‘SUBMIT’

4) Payment details - the final step in the process is to pay via PayPal, debit card or credit card. When you click ‘BUY NOW’ you will be prompted for your card details or PayPal password. If you do not have or want a PayPal account, just click ‘No Thanks’ and proceed to Pay Now.

People will receive a receipt confirming payment, but tickets will not be sent out until nearer the time to avoid a clash with equal pay settlement letters which are due to be dispatched weekend of 11 May 2019.

An A4ES Helpline number is available - 0131 659 9958 - if anyone has difficulty with the online booking process.

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