This has been a short week of meetings as me and GCCs lawyer were not available today. But it has been a very productive week.
As I mentioned at the start of the process, what I can say is very limited. And it would not be helpful to anyone to elaborate. We need to be able to speak frankly to each other and if every conversation was reported it would be detrimental. You’re just going to have to trust me on that.
In terms of atmosphere this has probably been the best week to date. There has been a genuine effort on both sides to see progress and to have open discussions. This has meant that we are Actually ahead of the original timeframe agreed after the strike.
We are essentially working our way through the various issues of dispute and setting out our differences. These issues are like puzzle pieces. We are basically looking at each piece and then putting it on the table. We are near to examining all the pieces and having them all on the table.
We will then have the task of trying to fit all the pieces into a coherent/acceptable picture.
That’s not to say that we are close to agreement. We are a long way apart. But In some ways I’m more optimistic because the officers attitudes have been hearteningly constructive.
On the downside their approach to some issues have been maddeningly frustrating. And no, I’m not going to explain what they are. I just have to be patient and allow them to catch up.
Although there have been shorter meetings I can tell you that a massive amount of work is going on the whole time. About time too? Yes, true but celebrate that it’s happening.
Oddly, although nothing has been agreed, overall I’d say it was a good week. That’s probably the kiss of death but let’s remain positive.
Stefan Cross

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