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  • 03 May, 2018
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This week we had MEETING 11 with the council. A bit like teachers in assembly the lead officer, Carole Forrest said before we start we h...ave a formal statement to make. Big drum roll, cue tension....... I have attached the big statement that was delivered.

This produced different reactions. Mine was - is that it? What’s the point? Unison, however, were not happy because they had been singled out and it just was not true. In fact one of their reps, Peter Hunter, had actually used the words “we put you on notice” that all options including industrial action were being considered in a previous meeting.

One interesting feature of this is how it ties in with Susan Aitken’s letter re the promised meeting that didn’t take place. The fact that she stated that progress had been made is just laughable. Her idea of progress and mine are somewhat different. We have not even discussed a single substantive issue let alone agreed anything. There have been no proposals from the council and they have failed to deliver on promises made months ago.

What we have done is finally agreed terms of reference and some minutes. That’s it. After 5 months. And that’s all we did in meeting 11.
Sad if SA thinks this is good progress.

With the amount of money in dispute and growing every day you’d think they’d have some urgency, but no. Now the council want to discuss a “high level” project plan. A plan to make a plan. PROCESS PROCESS PROCESS.

This is why the ballots are so important. At last they might sit up and take notice. Nothing else has worked so far.

Hopefully we will get a substantial and substantive response to our offer.

In the meantime you now have the councillors attention. Make it count.