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So we’ve had meeting 7 with the council. So far not a single thing has been agreed. There have been no “negotiations” on substantive issues. The council has insisted that we need to agree ‘the process’ first. They have even appointed a project manager to handle ‘the process’.

Rather than spend even more time over this, we have engaged with the process. On that front we had a productive meeting yesterday. It is highly likely that we will finally have agreed the Terms of Reference in the next week or so.

We might now be able to get down to talking about the details.

I have to say that with the officers inability to commit themselves to anything important it’s highly unlikely we will make rapid progress but at least we can soon get down to the nitty gritty.

But be assured the claimant group is not just waiting on the council. We are preparing all available options.

I will end with my usual plea. Patience. The next 3 months are going to be very important but we need that time. Let’s see where we are by the summer holidays.