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As you probably know UNISON and soon GMB will be conducting consultative ballots on possible strike action or action short of a strike.

These are NOT strike ballots. They are to test the level of support for such action. Whenever I post on here folk jump in and call for a strike. Do they speak for the majority or are the lone but load voices? This is how we find out.

It is essential as many folk vote as possible and in my view support action. If we can’t get support in a consultation we have no chance in a real ballot. If we look weak and divided we play into the employers hands. They might say the men will strike but the women won’t.

If we look strong, United an angry the council are more likely to take notice. If it’s weak and divided then going back to tribunal becomes more inevitable with all the delay and cost.

So don’t ignore the ballots. Participate and let the council hear you.