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  • 11 Jan, 2018
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So we had our third meeting with the council and the first following the Court of Session comprehensive dismissal of their leave to appeal application. We asked if the council had reconsidered its position. We were told that the officers position remained the same and they believed they had until 18th January to lodge an application to the Supreme Court but they were preparing a new “timeline” for the council.

As the leader, Susan Aitken, had not yet r...eturned from Australia and councillors were still on recess until 16th January they still didn’t have instructions.

We again tried to query the bizarre suggestion that a full council had to make this decision but without success. They agreed to keep,us informed.

So we wait on Susan’s return to see if the appeal saga goes on or not.

In the meantime it had been agreed at the second meeting on 11th December that all claimant groups would exchange pay calculations relating to the protection period by 4th January 2018. Only Action4equality managed to provide their figures. So the main reason for the meeting had to be put off. In the meantime Unison said they will have theirs done this week and GMB said they’d try and do theirs by the end of next week. These will then be discussed at the next meeting on 25th January

We again pressed the council for outstanding disclosure and they said they had resources issues but promised to review these and come back with a timetable. The rest of the meeting was mainly admin stuff but I’m sure other reps will be circulating updates to their members.

So we wait..... one of my fav oz pics basically summing up the meeting!